Transformational coaching to connect you to your deeper truth, your Essential Self, your Soul Essence

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Do you feel disconnected from your True Self or Soul path?

 Are you lost in a world of to-do lists, stress and overwhelm?

Do you struggle to express your unique voice, truth or gifts?

Or, are these questions too grand because right now you feel stuck, tired, uninspired or deflated in some way?

Anam Cara (soul friend), you are not alone…

The hustle and bustle of modern life is a recipe for distraction and busyness…there is no time to hear the soft still voice from within, and yet we are in deep pain, a yearning exists, our soul aches for something deeper?

…A calling beyond the mundane material world…A connection beyond time and space…A sacred beauty beyond words…

What is your soul simply wanting to fully express through you?

Soul coaching is NOT about tactics to perform better at work…(although this will happen when you align with your higher purpose)

Soul coaching is NOT about finding balance in the home…(although balance and authentic relationship is a natural result of deeper connection with your true self)

Soul Coaching is NOT about ‘finding’ your feelings…(although you will naturally uncover and connect with your true feelings, and learn to accept them all within your heart)

At its core, Soul Coaching is about discovering the mysteries of your own soul dance, so you can naturally fulfill your highest purpose and expression. The heart of this work is done through inquiry held in the container of the heart.


A Note from Marian

Hello and Welcome, it truly is an honor to serve you.

Over the years, I have become so aware of how many of us are going around disconnected from our true needs, desires and dreams. It breaks my heart when I meet people who truly want to make a difference in the world, but can’t seem to access that part of themselves that connects with their unique gifts or expression (full transparency, this was me for many years).

This is where having a mentor or coach in your life can help break through what is holding you back from the next version of you (my continued inner work keeps pushing me forward beyond my comfort zone to meet my next version).

I am so passionate about serving people and helping to facilitate transformation in their lives.  I offer a unique style of coaching that is a blend of Presence Based Coaching, Spiritual Psychology, and the Path of the Heart, radical acceptance of all that you are.

Each session is a sacred space that is created just for you, held in the container of the heart, a safe space to finally drop all the defenses and just show up as you are in this moment.

When you are supported by a loving presence, practical tools of transformation, and intuitive insights, deep inner shifts can arise. You suddenly start to access your own innate wisdom, and you identify and release limiting beliefs and imposing judgments that have being holding you back.

Clients report feeling more connected with their true self. They begin to feel lighter and suddenly more creative, they discover great resourcefulness and resilience within themselves and they start to make empowered choices that honor their purpose, their path and unique gifts.

As I already mentioned, many people have this longing to express their unique contribution in the world but very few actually do!

It is easy to get lost in the demands of a busy life. However, taking time out for you, to explore your deeper needs and desires, truly is a worthy cause.

The world really needs your Sacred Gift and your Authentic Presence.

Yes, you need to commit to your own soul growth and path but you can do it!  I know you are a brave and wise one and have a true desire to come home to yourself and effect change.

I await your call.