The Landscape of Soul Coaching

Are you functioning not flourishing? Are you tired of running from the pain, the past, the present? Covering up the pain with coping mechanisms.

Challenges are a part of life, but suffering is optional. We do have a choice on how we relate to our experience.

When life throws you a curve ball… sudden job loss, relationship troubles, loss of loved one, health condition, financial crisis, or creative block… it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stuck.

The pain can be overwhelming. But what if your pain is a gateway for greater awareness and transformation?

What if hardships can be a powerful opportunity for growth?

If you know how to navigate troubled waters, your life journey can become a consistent expansion or remembering for the small self (Ego) back to your Soul.

Soul coaching is a transformational experience to help you overcome obstacles and transcend limiting beliefs, judgments against the self and others, suppressed emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, and old conditioning that is holding you back.

Together we can use your current life experiences to reconnect back to your true essential self – your soul essence.

Soul coaching creates a contained space for your deep transformation. I am committed to the manifestation of your highest vision of yourself through compassionate listening, personal accountability, and facilitation to the connection of your own heart.

I draw from the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology, Presence-based Somatic Coaching and the Path of the Heart – radical acceptance of all that you are.

Let me leave you with this…

Soul coaching is an invitation for Self-discovery. Walking this path will lead to an un-folding of your essential self – your true nature, and you will understand the truth of your inherent love, goodness, and your worth.

True self -confidence comes from deep connection with your inner landscape and your own Soul. It is truly Sacred Work.

To start your journey, email now for a free 20 min introductory session.

“Marian is a divine teacher and guide.  Her warm and encouraging wisdom allowed me to take a giant leap of discovery into the depths of my soul.  I genuinely feel blessed to know and work with such an incredible woman.  Her coaching sessions have given me an opportunity to change my thinking patterns and open my heart to a new way of perceiving the world.”

– Alex, RN, Solana Beach

About Marian

Marian Taubinger grew up in Ireland. Her passion is personal development and the healing arts for helping people connect with their true nature and ignite their essential self. She has held managerial positions in the Corporate World (Ernst and Young – Ireland & Hong Kong), built a successful health food restaurant business (Life Café – Hong Kong) and is a wife to Richard and mother to two girls.

She has completed trainings in “Soul Centered Living” – a 10-month certificate program in Spirit Psychology, Presence Based Coaching, The Priestess Path, The Feminine Path of Power (Feminine Archetypes of Empowerment), Tree of Life for Spiritual Growth and Living, Spiritual Psychology, and Jungian Dream Analysis. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Studies and Masters of Finance from Trinity College University.