Marian brings grace and intelligence into her sessions. She exudes kindness, empathy and humility. I feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest with her. I feel comfortable being myself. There is something very gentle and wise about Marian’s approach to connecting with her client. She asks the questions that lead to self discovery and growth while providing a grounded and present guidance.

– Shirley I. 

I am so grateful for the coaching that Marian has given me. Her style and method is very effecting, helping me to refocus my energies, connect with my soul, and give myself the presence and self-love that I craved. After just 3 sessions with Marian I feel more at peace, at home in my body, and excited about the direction that I am moving in. Marian is a beautiful and caring coach, and her unique technique allowed me to feel safe in my vulnerability for deep healing.

– Samantha, San Diego, CA 

Marian is a divine teacher and guide.  Her warm and encouraging wisdom allowed me to take a giant leap of discovery into the depths of my soul.  I genuinely feel blessed to know and work with such an incredible woman.  Her coaching sessions have given me an opportunity to change my thinking patterns and open my heart to a new way of perceiving the world.

– Alex, RN Solana Beach 

Marian’s coaching has helped me find greater self-compassion, and to explore my personal vision of success and satisfaction. She has helped me find increased resilience in many ways, and always without a struggle. All of this together has helped me make choices that honor my unique gifts and allows me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. Marian is a blessing and I greatly appreciate her encouragement and help in creating a vision that I’m truly excited to live.

– John C., Leadership Coach

I initially contacted Marian to help sort out some upcoming career decisions that I was feeling unsure about. My mind continued to get stuck in a perpetual loop of pros and cons, and fears about not making the “right decision.”

Marian was able to immediately grasp where I had been getting stuck and provided some clarifying insights that helped me shift into a more positive and empowered place.

She brings the gift of her heart and spirit to her coaching, creating a grounded and nurturing space in which various possibilities can be safely explored.

After leaving our session together, I was filled with much greater clarity and confidence about how to best move forward.

 – Christiane S., Acupuncturist and Holistic Health Centre Owner, Encinitas CA

Marian is a holistic spiritual coach. She is professional and well adept at keeping one focused. Her style is disarming and caring. We dove into some dark places together and Marian helped facilitate me finding the inner light. She taught me that I am worthy of self care and love which has generated a positive shift in my relationship with myself and others. Marian is genuine and real often referring to her own journey with humility and levity. I highly recommend her as a gentle and effective spiritual coach.

– M. Butler, Cardiff by the Sea, San Diego

It has been such a pleasure to work with Marian. Her process is reassuringly well organized, grounding and transformational. Each call I had with Marian helped me to relax and get out of my own way. She guided me to pinpoint long-held limiting beliefs and clear them. I felt comfortable discussing both business and personal subjects so we could get to the root cause of triggers and drivers that influence decision making. Thank you so much for your guidance and support, Marian.

– Dr Sandison ND, Encinitas, San Diego. CA