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“Soul coaching is an invitation for Self-discovery. Walking this path will lead to an un-folding of your essential self – your true nature, and you will understand the truth of your inherent love, goodness, and your worth”

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Ready for Soul Coaching that Connects You to Your Essential Self?

The real essence of Soul Coaching is Inquiry from the Heart, and issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, over responsibility, limiting beliefs, do emerge. Many of these issues have their source in younger child states of consciousness (inner child work) and this material can emerge for acknowledgment, acceptance and love. All of this is sacred and held in the compassionate and receptive container of the Heart. Space is held for the wisdom of the body to emerge. Clarity and Issue Resolution are the natural next steps.

Soul coaching is perfect for Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Artists, Health care Professionals and Holistic Practitioners, Caretakers, and Parents.

I can help you with significant life transitions including career, relationships, and health challenges. My passion is to help you discover depth and meaning in all aspects of everyday life.

It truly is an honor to facilitate a heart space for brave people like yourself; that are ready to take action and experience the loving and compassionate space that exists for your transformation. 

Single Soul Session – $125

Soul Rejuvenation Experience – $500

(5 weekly sessions)

Complete Soul Renewal Program – $1200
(12 bi-monthly sessions for 6 months)

Results you can experience through sessions include:

Success in manifesting the life you want, experiencing meaning, purpose and fulfillment.
Connection with the aliveness within, which facilitates more choice and inspiration moving forward.
Freedom – A deeper sense of your own loving and compassionate essential self, which allows for more freedom from the mental and emotional anguish that often disturbs our peace


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